Don’t Hold Back From Wearing High-Waisted Jeggings

Most of us have heard about jeggings by now, but here is a quick explanation for those of you that haven’t discovered this wonderful new clothing ensemble: Leggings that look like skin-tight denim jeans? Voila! High-waisted jeggings! The fashion trend that is here to stay!

Made from extremely stretchy material, so easy to put on, comfortable, looks good and makes you look and feel like you are a size smaller. At the same time, jeggings are very sexy and super tight, but so comfy, cute and stylish! A perfect blend of a skinny jean and a legging! No wonder this popular fashion trend is everywhere!

a must to add to your closeth: Jeggings!

Jeggings Styling Tips

But how can you pull this look off? Check out below some of our fashion tips to rock your new jeggings!

The high-waisted jeggings are the must have look with the super tight, sexy, skinny, denim jean look but at the same time being a classy denim-look legging. Pull the look together with long necklaces that will lengthen your torso.

The style is to wear and use like you do your leggings or the choice is optional to wear like your skinny jeans. One look is considered casual and the other sexy-classy.

Some are fleece lined thus warm, some have elastic waist where others have the classic jean with the zipper fly with button. Some have pockets just like your skinny tight jeans.

Perfect for when you want to wear leggings but want them to look like your jeans.
Some are made from spandex or cotton, dyed to look like jeans.

High-waisted jeggings look great when worn like leggings but also very sexy when worn like your jeans. Believe it- these are not your mother’s jeans.

There are always ways to ruin a good fashion trend. Nobody wants to be the one to do the faux pas and wear their jeggings the wrong way.

Let’s look at how we can combine our jeggings and tops, so we can be the one to make a great fashion statement.

Combine your jeggings with a classy sweater or top with your favourite shirt or use a fitted tank and jacket. You rock!

Shoes! Great fashion accessory. Boots, flats or heels! All look fabulous with jeggings, especially high-waisted ones! Just keep your look balanced and don’t go overboard. Long necklaces are a perfect accessory with jeggings.

Wear what is comfortable for you and what makes you feel classy and sexy! Be balanced with your accessories. Do some research and see what looks best and read up on other people’s opinions.

Style your jeggings appropriately. If they look like a pair of skinny jeans, then style them as you would a pair of pants. But remember girls; never ever tuck your shirt into your jeggings unless it’s a bodysuit. Opt for blouses, shirts, oversized sweater, etc. that hide your booty.

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