Sleep Styler Rollers Curls your Hair and Untangles your Daily Life

Long before the arrival of the babyliss some women with smoother or indefinite hair already had their tricks to get curls: the bobs. Even with so much technology, this is still a very convenient option, as it does not require large appliances or huge investments, does not cause great damage to the hair and still guarantees a beautiful and natural result.

But to put it into practice you have to know how to make curls with bobs so that they look good in the way you expect. Sleep Styler Rollers are the revolutionary new way of curling your hair naturally as seen on TV show “Shark Tank”. Even before the end of the show that day the stocks had already gone.

The idea is so simple and viral that the inventors received orders form all over the world where the show was live on the television. Sleep Styler Rollers are only available on the official site of the product. There you can chose between offers and sizes, as well as taking advantage of a 30 days money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied with the results. Therefore, there is nothing to lose, except a strait boring hairstyle!

when using Sleep Styler Rollers you should consider this and wrap the strands in the rollers in different directions.

How to curl your hair with Sleep Styler Rollers

Making curls with Sleep Styler Rollers is easier than it looks and also brings no harmful effects to the hair than using babyliss, for example. All you have to do is chose the desired size rollers and start separating the strands of your hair. Smaller size rollers, small curls. Larger size rollers, bigger curls.

With a separate strand, completely untwist the hair and position the roller on the tip of the strand, working from top to bottom (root). Then begin wrapping the strand over the roller, so that all hair is concentrated around the Sleep Styler Rollers.

Once you reach the desired curls position, fasten with a band and let the hair dry naturally. Then, loose one by one to form the curls you desired so much!


While rollers are a practical way to get curly hair, you need to be careful and avoid any problem with the health of your hair. DO NOT use hair dryer when using Sleep Styler Rollers. Use towel to dry your hair around 80% before using the rollers.

  • Choose the size of the strand

For starters, it is crucial to choose the size of hair strands you want to curl. Larger strands are more natural, while smaller strands are perfect for anyone who seeks as much definition as possible.

This decision also has to do with the length of your hair, since it relates to the chosen rollers size. For wider curls, you need larger rollers, but if you have short hair, you may not be able to wrap the strands properly. In this case, the ideal is to bet on a roller of small size to achieve a more natural effect.

  • Set the ideal size curls

Another point to consider is that you should set the ideal size curls. If you simply wrap the whole hair strand, the curls will start right after the roots, which is also great.

However, many people prefer curls located more towards the ends of the hair, mixing the smoothest area with those with more volume. So, it is important to define from which length you want the curls to appear, as this will determine how much you should wrap the strands around the rollers.

  • Use different directions

A common mistake amongst curlers is to make curls only in one direction. However, if you notice carefully all naturally curly hair spreads in all directions.

Therefore, when using Sleep Styler Rollers you should consider this and wrap the strands in the rollers in different directions. One of the strands should be rolled in a clockwise direction while the other in a counterclockwise direction, for example. This creates more dimension and more natural look for your hair.

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