How to have perfectly perfect wavy hair?

wavy hair like a movie star.

Celebrities worldwide are recently being seen with wavy hair, and you don’t want to lose a second and start following this new fashion trend. This hairstyle looks stunning on almost all hair types, from shorter hair to longer hair. This look is patricianly popular with many young actresses.

This hairstyle goes back to the early golden years in Hollywood. Many well-known actresses from back in the day such as Lauren Bell and Rita Hayworth would often be seen with large wavy curls. Since everything that is vintage, is in fashion these days, the beauty aspect shouldn’t be behind the times. One of the most searched for information online is how to be the most beautiful wedding guest or how to be as glamorous as the stars.
Loosely well-defined

To show off your short hair, wavy curls are the way to go and a great alternative to switch up your look. Also, it can be styled in many different ways, by only making large well-defined curls towards the tips of your hair or from the roots of your hair for the extra bounce. This is a relaxed and stylish look. You can wear your hair down or give it a drastic change by tying it back and curling your bangs.

If you have a special event soon and you want look drop dead gorgeous, then look no further. This simple and easy hairstyle is for you.

You will need a few tools to get the job done, so pull out your hair clips, brush and your flat iron. To avoid damaging your hair from the heat of the flat iron, apply a thermal hair protector before using your flat iron.

First, divide your hair into four equal parts; this will make your hair easier to work with. Divide your hair into two parts up front and two parts on the back, this will also help give your hairstyle a spin from the past. Pin up each piece with a hair clip, so they won’t fall down.

Take one of the parts of hair and separate it into several pieces and work with the lower pieces first. Using the flat iron begin to curl your hair. How can you do this? Place the flat iron at the root of your hair and twist it loosely around the iron as you pull it down the hair strands horizontally, continue doing this until you reach the tips of your hair. This same process has to be repeated with all four separated parts of your hair until the entire head has been curled. Be careful to always roll the curls in the same direction.

Once you have finished this step and your hair has cooled down, use a wide-toothed comb and brush out the tight curls to form waves. This will leave your hair looking naturally wavy and if you like, you can add some hairspray to keep them in place.
Foe a specular look, make a lower bun to one side and leaving some of your hair down. Tie up some of the curls to the bun with bobby pins. This is a very carefree and free spirited look that will look fantastic on you.

This is all, by following these simple instructions you will be the star of the party, looking just like a movie star. More tips? We recommend this article of with 7 tips for beautiful hair.

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