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mirror essentials thermoIt is not easy to lose weight if you are a mother of two, working fulltime and a husband to take care. This is the history of my life and how I managed to shape up and slim down, using a device I bought on the internet.

I noticed that a friend at work was losing a lot of weight and I knew that she, like myself, is a mother and a wife. How did she do it? I couldn’t contain and ended up asking her. She explained that she was wearing special clothes. I couldn’t see anything different with her wardrobe!

One day she invited me for coffee and we went to a cozy place nearby. She was wearing a nice blazer and a black color blouse underneath. She is very tall and I thought that this darker color had anything to do with what we talked about the other day. She certainly appeared much slimmer.

She showed me a piece of paper she had printed just before we left the office. It was a copy of a website with pictures. This is what I am wearing, she pointed to an image, it is a thermo vest. It burns fat while I am doing something else.

Mirror Essentials

I got that piece of paper and in the very same day, I was already accessing, the site that was on the copy she showed me. I knew that they worked, now I want to understand the mechanics behind, I mean the technology to achieve such a miracle.

I read everything I could about the vest. I went through the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section and got answers for my questions. I understood also the way they manufacture Slimming Thermo Vest using a specially designed 3 layers fabric made from nylon, cotton and bamboo fibers.

I ordered one, using my credit card, going through the easy step-by-step purchasing process. I was happy to give my details because I checked the level of security certification of the site, and I was satisfied. Soon after I finished my order, I received a tracking code to be able to follow shipping details of my vest.

I was really impressed with the services and even happier when I actually received what I have ordered delivered to my front door! I tried the same day, after reading instructions and suggestions, and instantly I felt slimmer. I could check in the mirror and found that my waistline was well defined.

From that day on I started a routine of exercises around my house. I also wear my vest for long walks with the kids and I decided to join a gym for a more detailed workout on the weekends. My friend had inspired me with her change, now I was going to achieve the same results.

After big decisions and the help of new methods, I have found the starting point at and I will never go back to the old life without my thermo Vest.



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