Is looking stylish at the gym possible?

Most athletic wear is made from elastic material using brightly colored fabrics. It is designed to be very comfortable but that does mean you should only wear it when you are exercising. That’s a big fashion no-no! Never, ever wear your exercise clothes to go shopping and under no circumstances, should you wear them to work. Doing so would make you look totally out of place and unkempt.

Now that it is perfectly clear that exercise clothing should only be worn while exercising,, we can share with you some hints on how to look amazing every time you go to the gym:

  • Use the appropriate type of clothing for the exercise you are going to preform. When shopping for athletic wear, it can be overwhelming to choose the correct garments, as many are made from flashy, attractive colors. Look for pieces that are made from breathable elastic fabric, which can help keep your body and clothing dry from your sweat. Look for clothing that has been specially designed for the type of sports you will perform.
  • Always look flawless. Every time you exercise your clothes get spoiled, even if you didn’t break out a sweat. Always wash your clothes after wearing. Keep you shirts, shoes, pants, etc. clean and ironed.
  • Make sure to bring with you the appropriate accessories for exercising. Avoid wearing large earrings, necklaces and bulky rings. Small tops are comfortable to wear while exercising. Do not use large, cumbersome watches when working out. There are many watches that have been specifically designed for exercising that are lightweight and can measure you heart rate.

sexy and comfortable at the gym


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