How to store underwear

If the third wash and you start to see your deteriorated lingerie and that seems like an unresolved x-file, do not panic! Next, we give you the best tips to keep your underwear intact. Long life to delicate garments!

Lace, lace, silk, tulle, and satin are ideal in your lingerie, right? You should keep in mind that they are not like other garments, their fabrics are incredibly delicate, and we must give them special care. Next, we show you the golden rules to keep your underwear in good condition, but first, check out this springtime news. Do you want your lingerie to look like this?
How and where to store it?

Keep the lingerie in a separate drawer. It is preferable to put these garments different from the rest of the clothing. Their fabrics are prone to scratches that can ruin any panties or bra. You can also fold it between silk papers or put them in cotton bags.

Washed by hand or by machine

Do you open the drawer and never find what you are looking for? Are you unable to keep your underwear neat? The trick is straightforward. For panties the only secret is a good dose of patience, to fold them correctly and keep them stacked. As for the fasteners, you have to consider the cups. The correct thing to avoid its deterioration is to introduce one inside another so that the rings form a circle. For rebellious push-up bras that resist being bent, you can choose to leave them open and tidy in boxes to prevent them from warping.

Washed out
Reading the labels is the first and most fundamental. Only that well of wisdom that mothers are seems to understand that encrypted symbology contained in labels and washing programs. But we have to make an effort because, as they would say, “we are older.”

The Eternal Question: Washed by hand or by machine? We advise, if possible, always wash the linen by the side, with a laundry detergent and special for delicate garments. In case you remove your lingerie machine, follow our advice if you do not want to take a disgust and that the washing machine becomes your worst enemy. First, ALWAYS use a program for delicate clothing. Also, it is convenient to store the undergarments in special bags for washing: on the one hand, avoid rubbing with other garments and, on the other, that the rings of the fasteners damage the washer.

Water temperature: Never exceed 30 ° to the machine and a “cold-tempered” if you wash by hand. The hot water deforms and enlarges the garments, so do not submit your panties to that suffering.
Never centrifuge the underwear: it can deteriorate the hoops of the fasteners and cause the filling to spoil.

The dryers join the group of enemies of the lingerie. They tear the fibers and their high temperatures, as we have said, do not make good crumbs with the health and integrity of our most intimate garments.
It tries to dry your clothes outdoors and, very important; it avoids the direct light of the sun because it will end up wearing the colors.
Do not even twist delicately wet clothes. Lay them on a towel until they absorb moisture.

The lingerie garments are the great forgotten of the wash and, precisely, the most exposed to the washes for being of daily use. Do not forget about them and give them the care they deserve. We do not make sure you get to look like an angel of Victoria’s Secret, what we promise is that you will feel more beautiful with your unpolished underwear.


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