How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Have you ever wondered if some of the greatest celebrities with a body in an hourglass shape were actually born this way or they spent some time shaping it? It is incredible how they are widely accepted and many men and women are attracted to their silhouette. Media gives them also a constant attention. They influence fashion and style as well.

Some experts say that anyone could achieve the same results. But, first, let us define some parameters to understand this body shape. Women with an hourglass biotype are the ones with a thin waist and oversized breasts and glutes. Also known as, guitar shape, hourglass shape women do not usually put on weight in the abdominal region, but in the buttocks, so dieting can also help.

There are some interesting diets and workout tips for your body type if you are already a bodycon dress candidate. A good example would be, for instance, consuming avocado oil to prevent the accumulation of localized fat. However, some exercises can achieve great results. If you are still pursuing the figure so popular amongst celebrities here are some suggestions:

First things first…

The best suggestion and the most important would be not to put yourself in a demanding position. With lost pressure and time frame to achieve results. The ideal would be the establishment of perfectly reasonable goals. Easy to accomplish targets and the motivation to keep doing until you cross the threshold of defining your curves.
And, if everything else seems to be too difficult and complicated in your life as far as time to exercise, you can always engage the help of a body shaper. They are great to shape your body, compressing excess fat, defining waistline and giving you the appearance of an hourglass.

All this happening in an instant. As soon as you wear a body shapewear, you are ready to put on smaller size dresses! Chose curly dresses that emphasize your hips. Wear overcoats or plain coats with adjustable belts, getting attention to your waistline. Widening your shoulders with padding tops would also bring better results to any shapewear you have chosen.

Pay close attention to what you wear, Nothing too large or too small, get the right size and do not leave just hanging over your hips, wear belts and any way possible to define your waist.

How to Get an Hourglass Figure

Physical exercises are also important to add to this routine of transforming your body. The best types are aerobics. Cardiovascular exercises can lessen the accumulation of fat around the belly area and can tone your legs at the same time. This is the best type to burn excess fat and define your contours.

Amongst our suggestions, ride a bicycle, dance, go for a swimming are all excellent aerobics helping you reduce fat. Practice exercises a minimum of 30 minutes, at least 5 times a week. The harder you work the sooner you get results!

Pushups and squatting exercises can also harden your buttocks. They enhance muscles around your lower abdomen and define the upper body. You can even try some mild weight lifting. The idea is to work out your upper and your lower, but not all muscles in general. Remember we want that waistline limiting the middle part.

Another important approach is to eat healthy and well. You must eliminate any type of food, which could produce gas. We want to get a smaller tummy, so no more excessive consumption of calories. The ideal fat of an hourglass body should remain between 17 to 25% of the content.

Stay away from processed fast food. No more junk snacks to leave those protruding lumps around the stomach. Go for long walks, breathe deeply and drink water before and after, but not during your meals!

There… you are looking great already!

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