The Effect of High Temperatures on Your The Hair

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For a long time it has been in vogue, that to comb one’s hair using the heat of the dryer, the iron or the tongs, but before it was common only in women, while nowadays it is so common that a man performs a hair straightening as a woman does.

With the passage of time and the evolution of technology, today ironing, straightening, drying or curling hair does not treat it as badly as before, since irons, dryers and tongs have been invented to protect the hair.

However, this does not cease to be exposed to very high temperatures, which in the end always brings a result of little benefit to our hair, as it not only produces and increases the sty, but also makes the hair much more brittle, weak and if that were not enough, opaque.

The high temperatures take away the shine of the hair and weaken it significantly, that is why it is not recommended to manipulate it at a temperature greater than 30°, since in itself with a lower temperature is still very harmful to the hair.

It is very important to remember that ironing, straightening or curling your hair more than once a week will end the vitality of your hair very soon, although the tumble dryer is not a problem because it works with more subtle temperatures.

However, this does not mean that it does not cause any damage, so it is recommended to avoid excessive use, but if you need to use it first dry your hair very well with a towel and then use the dryer, preferably with warm air and at least 30 cm from your head.

Don’t forget that there are currently treatments that manage to curl or straighten your hair without the need to expose it to high temperatures, these treatments should only be carried out by aesthetic or hairdressing specialists so that you can obtain the desired results.


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