Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Love Affair with Makeup Store

I've recently rediscovered this amazing Makeup Store with my best friend and we are just in love with the makeup. For those who haven't heard of this brand I'm not surprised.. (can't say the name is too original but who cares) it doesn't get nearly enough prestige as other make up brands like MAC which you can find in almost any department store in Sydney. Makeup Store is a Swedish brand founded by Mika Liias in 1996. Its been branching out all over the globe including Australia.

Anyways enough history of the brand and onto the makeup.. I once asked a lady (2 years ago) working in the Makeup Store to show me how to apply eye makeup and I ended up walking down the street not looking like either a man or a woman.. what you might call that is beyond me. I looked horrendous.. almost like an alien. I remember walking into tuition and having my friends jaws just drop and trying to hold in their laughter. From then on I refused to step back into the store. And now 2 years later here I am again in the store and the new sales assistants have made me completely change my attitude about the store and rekindled my love for all things colourful and sparkly. I guess this story doesn't really reflect the quality of the make up but more so of the quality of the employees hired to give advice to idiots like me who are really bad at doing their make up.

My bestie and I have found the make up products to be of such great quality that we have made a new goal of purchasing every item in the store and then having play dates where we do each others make ups, just like little 8 year old girls.

What can I say to sum up the quality of the make up. I guess.. what you see is what you get. By this I mean the eyeshadows you see in the palets will look exactly as you see it when you try it. Now I'm not being very articulate about this but my bestie and I walked a few stores down and decided to compare MAC make up to the Makeup stores and it really cant compare. The colours in MAC
don't turn out the same when you try it; even if you go back for seconds or thirds to the palets.

I guess thats what I mean by what you see is what you get. The colours in the makeup store are rich and they have such a variety of products that my bestie and I spent hours inside the store harrassing the sales assistants.

Oh and one more thing, Makeup Store is the only brand with their own magazine that shows inspirational images of the works of makeup artists using only the Makeup Store products. The quality of the magazine suggests that it should be priced so much more but it's only $10AUD and $6 when you purchase an item in the store. It has tips on how to apply eye make up, bronzers etc.

Enough blabbering about this brand. I guess you'll have to check it out yourself.
Head to
I suspect I'll be paying the store another visit with my bestie very soon. =D

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